【 Safety first, energy saving 】
About us
R-POINT-Hydraulik designs, produces and manufactures motor pumps, flow dividers and components for hydraulic systems.
Over the years, our company has created a streamlined family-run structure that combines tradition and innovation, exporting Made in Germany throughout the world.
The company, founded by Kate Rpoint in 1948, is today represented at all levels by the second generation of the family.
Our passion for high performance in hydraulic drives us.
This multinational company has a history of over 70 years and is still fully owned by the RPOINT family, making it its third generation.
We design and build the main components of hydraulic system with passion and care in detail. 
Product applicayion
  • Steelmaking equipment
  • Casting equipment
  • Carry-over bed
  • Rising and Dropping System for Steel-pot
  • High speed rail maintenance equipment
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Knife-shield machine